LED Parking Lot Lights Are Cost Effective in Redmond


It is crucial that the parking lot in your commercial property be properly illuminated. A well-lit parking lot:

  • Keeps trespassers and burglars at bay
  • Ensures protection for your customers and employees
  • Makes your facility look professional
  • Enhances your corporate image

Green Power Lighting Solutions can help you maintain good commercial parking lot lighting in your facility. As a distributor of quality LED parking lot lights for the Redmond, WA area, we offer you superior solutions to meet your commercial parking lot lighting needs.

LED parking lot lighting fixtures are high-tech products that produce more powerful, brighter white light than the lights made using traditional technologies. What further makes our LED parking lot lights great for your Redmond commercial facility is that these bring you huge energy savings.

Come to us whether you need LED parking lot lighting fixtures for a newly-built car lot or are planning an LED parking lot lights retrofit project in Redmond.

Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Installed in Redmond


We are a one-stop shop catering to the complete commercial parking lot lighting needs in Redmond. Other than offering LED parking lot lights for sale, we provide expert services for:

  • Repair of parking lot light poles
  • New lighting design and installation
  • Replacement of broken LED parking lot lighting fixtures
  • Commercial parking lot lighting upgrades

Feel free to get in touch with us for any service you need related to the parking lot lights in your business place. We assure you that your commercial parking lot lighting needs in Redmond will be met with the finest in products and services.

We go all out to ensure that your LED parking lot lights work efficiently at all times and have the least possible downtime.

Redmond LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures And Bulbs


We understand how important it is that the LED parking lot lighting fixtures in your Redmond facility:

  • Are reliable and always in great working condition
  • Comply with the local electricity codes
  • Look good
  • Meet the high standards your business maintains

Our company is happy to do all that is necessary to ensure that you have top-notch commercial LED parking lot lights. We offer only premium LED parking lot lighting fixtures in the Redmond area for commercial use and have excellent bucket truck capabilities with a skilled crew to resolve parking lot lighting problems.

Contact Green Power Lighting Solutions for the best commercial parking lot lighting solutions in the Redmond area. Call 855-834-0011.