LED School Lighting Helps Schools Save on Energy Costs


LEDs are an invention of GE scientists in the 1960s and termed a revolution in lighting. We know of no better application for LED light conversion than to benefit our school districts with reduced energy costs and the finest school LED lighting for classrooms!

Call us to complete a no-cost energy audit and review of your present lighting system and operational practices. That information can be used to recommend a cost-effective LED light conversion and to partner with your school management group to prepare a proposal to help your school get lighting incentives that are currently available.

These are a few reasons to convert to school LED lighting:

  • Best lighting for classrooms – quality typically higher than traditional light sources
  • LED lights do not flicker like their fluorescent light counterparts
  • Save energy costs – An LED retrofit can save up to 50% in energy use over fluorescent

Converting your school lighting to LED technology produces a higher quality light, can save your school up to 50% on its energy bills, and reduce maintenance costs because of their longer life. Call Green Power Lighting Solutions today to request a no-cost energy audit.

Why LED Light Conversion is Best for Your School


There are government and utility resources and lighting consortiums that can help recover upfront school lighting costs with rebates or incentives that in some cases meet a payback in less than two years. Your school may be eligible for incentives through programs that encourage LED light conversion or energy-efficient retrofits.

We are a lighting solutions company that can help achieve energy efficient school LED lighting, improve the safety of its students, administration, faculty and visitors, and involve students, teachers and school district officials in a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A few of the benefits of school LED lighting include:

  • Contain no mercury
  • Totally environmentally safe
  • All recyclable parts
  • More comfortable lighting – no glare, better vision and no eye-strain
  • On average energy savings of 70% - reduces school operating budget
  • Less maintenance than traditional fluorescent or incandescent school lighting

One of the largest users of energy in schools is lighting. Get your entire school involved with us in learning how energy savings can add up when everyone joins together to reduce energy costs.

School LED Lighting Installations and Conversions


We offer solutions for classroom lighting design, installation and an effective LED light conversion to reduce overall lighting energy consumption with an aggressive payback period of generally less than two years.

Most of our school lighting projects focus on:

  • Improving light output
  • Reducing energy consumption and costs with an aggressive payback period
  • Minimizing maintenance

We can conduct a no-cost energy audit with a comprehensive proposal for LED light conversion for all lighting, full participation in partnership with the school district to develop a proposal for rebates or incentives, and school LED lighting installation services.

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions to get started with an energy audit for upgrading your school lighting. 855-834-0011