Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights Design and Installation


Providing your employees and patrons with a well-lighted area to park at night to ensure their safety can also provide significant cost advantages with an energy-efficient LED outdoor parking lot lighting installation.

Whether you are considering outdoor parking lot lighting as a new installation, or you have made the smart decision of replacing old conventional lighting systems with commercial LED parking lot lights retrofit, we can show you how that installation will pay for itself multiple times over the life of the product.

As an LED commercial lighting company we can tailor a lighting solution with a commercial LED parking lot lights conversion design and installation that will deliver:

  • Significant reduction in energy costs over conventional lighting
  • Longer lifespan than traditional lighting technologies
  • Uniform lighting and a bright shadow-free parking area
  • Increased safety for employees and patrons
  • Reduction in carbon emissions

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Parking Lot Lights Conversion to LED Cost Effective Lighting


Installation of LED outdoor parking lot lighting can provide a dramatic improvement over conventional lighting.

In addition to providing employees, patrons and pedestrians a safe, well-lighted area, replacing a conventional lighting system such as metal halide lights or high pressure sodium lights with a commercial LED parking lot lights retrofit can significantly reduce energy usage.

We can prepare, design and install an LED lighting conversion with a commercial parking lot light pole package that can pay for itself many times over the life of the installation. We make the conversion easy with our high-efficiency LED parking lot lights with a tailored solution that is unique to your requirements.

In general, this is what you can expect with our LED outdoor parking lot lighting conversion system:

  • An excellent return on your investment
  • Potential qualification for technical support and significant financial incentives
  • Lower energy usage with improved illumination over conventional lighting
  • An increase in customer satisfaction

Call us for detailed information on the effectiveness of an outdoor parking lot lighting conversion.

Outdoor Parking Lot Lighting That is Cost Effective and Energy Efficient


We have an experienced team with access to the latest technologies in commercial LED parking lot lights and the expertise to assist businesses with energy savings by working with energy companies to obtain rebates or incentives to upgrade their businesses.

We can share the economic benefits of a conversion to commercial LED parking lot lights, some of which are included below:

  • Reduced electricity usage
  • Increase in life expectancy of LED energy-efficient lighting over traditional lighting
  • Maintenance labor reduction
  • Rebates or incentives of up to 70% of an LED retrofit project

As an owner-operated lighting solutions company, we are committed to relationship-based and value-added service to our clients with a willingness to demonstrate the products with which we work. We can also provide case studies of improved light quality and saved energy costs and resources with LED lighting conversions.

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