Troubleshooting and Lighting Repair Services


We are a general contractor providing troubleshooting and repair services of traditional lighting systems for commercial facilities.

Our repair service specialists are experienced in a wide range of services as a result of:

  • System failures
  • Damage such as lightning strikes to fragile lighting components
  • Power supply issues
  • Driver failure

For manufacturing operations, warehouses and commercial facilities that rely on traditional HID lamps, incandescent lighting or fluorescent lamps, we can perform quick response troubleshooting operations, light fixture repair or ballast replacement to maintain efficiencies.

We understand that no matter what type of business facility you operate, your employees must be provided with adequate lighting to perform their tasks.

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions for repairs, installations, troubleshooting and diagnostics to keep your facilities operating in top condition.

We Can Locate the Problem and Provide Light Fixture Repair


Troubleshooting and locating your lighting problem to provide proper lighting is vital to the safety and production for commercial operations.

Our lighting repair services and installations include troubleshooting with lamp and ballast change outs, light fixture repair or the installation of new lighting.

Our procedures for locating and correcting the problems most frequently encountered begin with an examination for special conditions that might exist in an installation, and checking elements such as:

  • Whether all or some lamps in the fixture are inoperative
  • Why lamps start slowly, fail prematurely or flicker excessively
  • Excessive noise
  • Line voltage
  • Ballast overheating
  • Radio wave interference

Call us for diagnostic and repair services, or ask about our options for new installations or conversions at the proper height and correct type to meet your applications.

We Are Experts at Light Repair and LED Conversions


Inefficient and inadequate lighting for commercial facilities is one of their most significant problems.

And while we are experts in troubleshooting and light repair services of conventional or traditional lighting including light fixture repair, we are providing many of our commercial clients with LED lighting conversions as a cost-effective lighting alternative to traditional light sources.

These are a few benefits of LED conversions:

  • Energy savings of at least 75% over traditional lighting
  • Longer lifespan – up to ten times longer than fluorescent lights
  • Maintenance cost savings – low repair and maintenance requirements
  • No hazardous waste or toxic mercury concerns

We can conduct an analysis based on the lighting needs for your facility to provide you with the greatest value and a smooth transition.

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions for services that range from small-scale commercial businesses to large scale repair and troubleshooting, or for energy-efficient LED conversions. 855-834-0011