LED Security Lights Available for Home or Office


LED technology is advancing rapidly as the most energy efficient and eco-friendly method for illumination, with manufacturers producing low-wattage and economical lighting that can be used for indoor and outdoor applications including LED outdoor security lights for homes and offices.

As a contractor and distributor of energy efficient lighting, lamps, LED lighting and ballasts, we specialize in design, installation, repair and troubleshooting of LED outdoor security lights and outdoor commercial lighting capable of providing sufficient illumination for home or commercial applications.

Our lighting contractors are equipped to troubleshoot and repair outdoor commercial lighting systems and have the capability of also retrofitting existing lighting systems with LED appliances that provide significant energy savings.

These are a few benefits of installing LED outdoor commercial lighting:

  • Long lifespan – operational life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours
  • Durability – resistant to vibration, shock and external conditions
  • Much greater energy efficiency than traditional lighting
  • Eco-friendly – No toxic materials; 100% recyclable; reduced carbon footprint by one-third
  • Our well-designed installations can deliver light more effectively to desired locations

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions to install cost effective and energy efficient powerful security lighting with outdoor LED light fixtures.

Outdoor Commercial LED Lighting Installed and Repaired


We specialize in helping commercial businesses improve their outdoor lighting quality with LED outdoor commercial lighting, and LED outdoor security lights or motion sensor lights.

Our services include design, installation, repair and maintenance of LED outdoor commercial lighting systems that are highly durable and resistant to external impact, and carefully installed to deliver effective light distribution to the desired location.

We can tailor an effective new LED lighting system and installation, or retrofit your current lighting with an LED light solution. And while our LED outdoor lighting systems have a significantly longer lifespan than conventional lighting, we also provide:

  • LED light troubleshooting
  • Addition and replacement of LED lights with advanced models
  • Installation and repair services of LED outdoor security lights

Call on us to create a perfect design and installation to meet your specific lighting and security objectives.

Outdoor LED Security Lights are Cost Effective and Energy Efficient


While LED outdoor security lights are generally more costly to purchase, their energy efficiency and longevity make them the most cost effective choice over the long-term. These are features that really make LED outdoor security lights stand high above the rest:

  • Longer lifespan – nearly five times longer than any other type of light bulb
  • Cost effective – over long term, conventional lighting is nearly three times more costly
  • Energy efficiency – Far less energy usage for LEDs versus incandescent bulbs

We also offer LED outdoor commercial lighting that will return significant value to your business. It is the premier choice for commercial businesses because it provides higher quality light, greater energy efficiency and a longer lifespan over traditional lighting.

Because of the large-scale use of outdoor commercial lighting, the long operational lifespan of LED lights also reduces maintenance and replacement costs resulting in significant cost savings to your company.

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions for an installation of LED outdoor security lights that will become by far the most energy efficient and cost effective solution for your commercial business. 855-834-0011