Energy Efficient Warehouse Lighting


The use of outdated warehouse lighting may be a waste of your money! If you are still using metal halide high bay fixtures in your warehouse or distribution center you are using significantly more energy than you would with LED high bay warehouse lights.

These are some of the benefits of LED lighting technology for your warehouse lights:

  • Significantly slower rate of lumen depreciation than with MH or HPS lighting sources
  • No flickering or buzzing even at the end of their lifespan
  • 50% or more reduction in lighting costs monthly
  • Longer bulb lifespan – less maintenance expense by two to three times
  • Potential qualification for rebates or incentives

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions to learn more about whether an LED warehouse lighting installation is rebate-eligible for your warehouse or distribution center.

LED Warehouse Lighting Repairs


As a general contractor and distributor of energy efficient lighting, lamps, LED warehouse lights and ballasts, we can meet your lighting needs from installation to repair, maintenance and troubleshooting including, but not limited to:

  • Industrial lighting
  • Design and installation of new lighting
  • LED lighting conversions and retrofits
  • Parking lot pole lighting with bucket truck capabilities
  • LED high bay and LED low bay warehouse lights
  • Exterior/security lighting
  • Street lighting including government projects
  • Commercial building retrofits
  • Electrical lighting service ranging from small-scale calls to large-scale repairs

We also offer bi-annual and semi-annual maintenance schedules. Call us for innovative LED warehouse lighting solutions including design, installation, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting services.

Warehouse Lights Installed


As a general contractor and distributor of energy efficient lighting, lamps, LED warehouse lighting and ballasts, we are positioned to offer commercial and industrial customers turnkey services from design and installation to maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting.

Whether you require an upgrade of your existing warehouse lights or a new LED warehouse lighting installation, we can provide the services. If you have existing warehouse lights we can provide an energy efficient lighting retrofit to:

  • Improve the lighting quality in your warehouse
  • Reduce your energy usage
  • Begin an immediate positive cash flow
  • Improve safety

We also offer a no-cost energy audit to assist businesses by working with the energy companies to help in obtaining rebates or incentives. In general, the energy companies provide up to 70% of the cost of a retrofit project.

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions for a cost effective source for LED high bay lights for uniform light distribution and LED low bay lights for difficult areas to light, with professional installation services for retrofitting or starting new. 855-834-0011