LED Parking Lot Lights Are Cost Effective in Kent


The parking lot lighting is an important aspect of your commercial building. Among many other components, the placement and condition of parking lot lights have a major impact on how your potential customers, business associates, and even employees view your business. Poor commercial parking lot lighting makes them feel insecure about entering your premises and harms your company reputation.

At Green Power Lighting Solutions, we install LED parking lot lights in Kent, WA to help commercial property owners maintain a well-lit facility. We offer LED parking lot lighting fixtures as an option for bright and cost-effective lighting.

LED lights have become the most preferred choice for commercial parking lot lighting. This is not surprising because, compared to traditional technologies, LED parking lot lights offer Kent businesses the benefits of:

  • Enhanced light quality
  • Up to 75% energy savings
  • Considerable savings in lighting maintenance
  • Lighting control options

We offer commercial LED parking lot lights in the Kent area for all kinds of customers, including property managers, automotive dealers, malls, outdoor marketplaces, and more.

Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Installed in Kent


Our company is equipped to meet any and all of your commercial parking lot lighting needs in Kent. We offer you customized solutions to assure you of an efficiently-lit parking area, no matter how big or small it may be.

The comprehensive commercial parking lot lighting services offered by us include:

  • Affixing new LED parking lot lights
  • Parking lot light pole installation
  • Maintenance of parking lot light poles
  • Lighting repairs
  • LED parking lot lighting fixtures retrofit or redesign

We have a team of highly skilled electricians and a fleet of well-maintained bucket trucks to make sure that your commercial parking lot lighting in Kent is illuminated brightly at all times.

Kent LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures And Bulbs


Opting for our LED parking lot lighting fixtures offers Kent businesses a wonderful solution for reducing their recurring operating expenses. Actually, LED parking lot lights are not only energy-efficient but also create aesthetically-pleasing lighting.

Whether you need night-time lighting for an outdoor parking lot or round-the-clock lighting for an underground parking lot, come to us for energy saving LED parking lot lighting fixtures and bulbs in the Kent area. The LED parking lot lights for sale with us are:

  • High-performing
  • Engineered for long life
  • Installed carefully and accurately

For more information about LED parking lot lighting fixtures, Kent businesses can call Green Power Lighting Solutions at 855-834-0011.