LED Commercial Lighting Company Helping You Convert to Green Power


Converting to green energy is a responsibility of everyone, and an efficient and sustainable way to reduce our carbon footprint. As an LED commercial lighting company founded in 2009, we specialize in assisting commercial businesses and industrial corporations in improving their interior and exterior lighting quality while also providing many environmental advantages.

An example of a simple sustainable upgrade that can quickly pay for itself as a straightforward green initiative is to convert incandescent watts to LED watts for multi-family lighting applications. We can work in concert with you and the utility companies to analyze a wide variety of green initiatives using ROI and payback measures to reduce your carbon footprint while saving money.

This is how we can be of service to you, whether it involves multi-family lighting, commercial building exterior and security lighting, or a conversion to LED parking lot lights:

  • Conduct a complimentary energy audit to determine recommended lighting upgrades
  • Partner with you to work with your utility company to obtain available incentives
  • Reduce your energy bill with an LED retrofit of your current inefficient lighting

Call to schedule an audit to determine the energy lighting upgrades that should be made.

Multi Family LED Lighting for Townhomes, Condos and Apartments


As a commercial lighting company we specialize in LED multi family lighting for townhomes, condominiums and apartments that offer advantages over conventional lighting. Using LED lighting rather than traditional lighting technology such as fluorescent or incandescent including:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Significant reduction in energy costs
  • Less harm to the environment
  • Energy efficient upgrades may qualify for total funding by your utility company

Upgrading to LED parking lot lights will also bring dramatic improvements to owners of townhomes, condos and apartments that may have safety issues such as dark and shadowed areas with poor light quality.

As a commercial lighting company committed to helping commercial industries, businesses and multi family complexes reduce their energy costs, we welcome your call for a no-cost facility audit to learn how an LED lighting retrofit project will benefit you.

LED Parking Lot Lights and Bulbs to Help You Save on Your Energy Bill


We are a commercial lighting company with solutions for commercial building perimeter lighting, provision of LED parking lot lights for schools and college campuses, upgrading to LED lighting in hospitals and multi family lighting, street lighting for cities and municipalities, and many other applications.

As an experienced commercial lighting company our services include working with you and your utility company to assist in obtaining lighting incentives that may include:

  • Paying up to 70 percent toward installation of LED products
  • A payback or return on investment of less than two years
  • Performing a no-cost energy audit to determine beneficial lighting upgrades

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions to receive the benefits of LED parking lot lights, or a retrofit project for LED multi family lighting. 855-834-0011