Commercial LED Lighting Repairs Installs and Conversions


Commercial LED lighting is a highly energy efficient technology that has the potential of fundamentally changing the future of commercial building lighting in the United States. As a lighting solutions company we can help you save money with installations and repairs of LED lighting, and provide assistance with LED conversion rebates and incentives.

We can conduct a no-charge energy audit to determine where lighting upgrades are needed, and work with your utility company in developing a proposal to qualify your project for potentially huge incentives for LED conversions.

We are a distributor of energy efficient LED high bay lights, LED commercial light fixtures, lamps, LED lighting and ballasts for new or retrofit applications that provide or support:

  • Uniform light distribution
  • High lumen output - perfect for commercial buildings of all kinds
  • Up to 4 times longer bulb life over conventional light sources
  • Potential rebates for lighting products qualified by Energy Star, DLC or Lighting design lab
  • Less maintenance

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions for repairs, installs and conversions of LED high bay lights, LED low bay lights, and LED commercial light fixtures to take advantage of every cost saving option available to you.

LED High Bay Light that is Energy Efficient to Save You Money


Saving money in your commercial building begins with your lighting system. We can help identify the potential areas of improvement and benefits resulting from installations and conversions to commercial LED lighting with LED high bay lights, LED low bay lights and LED commercial light fixtures to:

  • Decrease your lighting bill costs up to 50% or more with energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Keep your initial investment costs low
  • Provide a much-improved lighting system
  • Dramatically reduce your lighting maintenance costs by 2 to 3 times

The high energy efficiency and directional nature of commercial LED lighting makes them ideal for use in commercial and industrial buildings. We can easily install high bay LED shop lights with a high-rated life of as much as 100,000 hours.

Call us for repairs, installations and conversions, including LED commercial light fixtures for installation over high-demand equipment that cannot be shut down frequently to change a lamp.

Commercial Light Fixtures Available for Installation


We offer commercial LED lighting and LED commercial light fixtures for installation that provide green energy-efficient solutions and latest technologies to save you money!

By offering a no-cost energy audit of your commercial facility we can recommend upgrades such as LED high bay light with a payback of your investment that is frequently less than two years. In addition, our energy audit can be used to qualify your company for utility company incentives or rebates.

We have an outstanding reputation for providing solutions through design and installation by combining the finest commercial LED lighting systems for excellent performance, such as but not limited to:

  • Light fixtures for commercial use
  • LED high bay lights
  • LED low bay lights
  • LED shop light fixtures
  • LED conversions or retrofits

Call Green Power Lighting Solutions for superior quality and outstanding services for unlimited design applications and professional repairs and installations. 855-834-0011